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As a family business, we know perfectly well that commitment and loyalty are the key. We trust each other, thanks to which communication between us is fast and effective. We have managed to shorten decision-making processes and develop solutions in which each of us cares about the common good more than about personal profits. Being a family company, we can also be extremely flexible and efficiently adapt to the constantly changing real estate market.

The expectations of a metropolis with a population of almost a million, as well as Krakow’s multicultural nature, inspired us to create unique customer relationships. We want to give you a sense of both comfort and security. To ensure this, we constantly set two priorities for ourselves: professionalism in synergy with experience, and care and concern for each of you. There is a reason why we offer lifetime post-trade service. Our real estate strategies are always based on individual arrangements, thanks to which we are extremely effective. We are with you at every stage of the transaction: from preparing the property for sale, through effective marketing activities and presentations, to assistance in completing the documentation and eventually signing the sales contract. In addition, in cooperation with our specialists, you will always be able to use legal advice, assistance in obtaining the best loan, as well as renovation and finishing of your dream property.

Exclusive cooperation concept

Many years of experience in real estate have shown us that the concept of exclusive cooperation has a significant and direct impact on the quality of services. The statistics leave no illusions - an open contract only gives an apparent sense of an increased reach of the offer. On the other hand, an offer handled by a single agent is statistically a faster and more effective finalization of the transaction. It is also a real chance to get a better price for the property. The undoubted advantages of this form of cooperation are also:

  • Time savings - one company, less paperwork, less correspondence and phone calls.
  • Order in the offer - instead of several different advertisements (in the case of an open contract, each agent will write an advertisement differently, post different photos, sometimes slightly change the address for fear of competition), a single offer is published on the Internet, well-invested in terms of marketing, effectively promoted on top websites and provided with a professional photo session
  • Individual sales strategy - appropriately selected sales tools and techniques taking into account the transaction priorities presented to us by the client and the specificity of the property itself
  • Open house - one of our favourite sales strategies. We organize an event during which we focus all our attention on one property. We publicize the event in advance, and on the day of the event, we show potential clients around the property, conduct negotiations, and even provide catering. The open house is a fantastic tool in the field of sales psychology.
  • Commission - the same as in the case of open contracts, with a definitely higher quality of services provided

We are soon opening our branch in the Silesian Voivodeship, and in the future in other parts of Poland as well!




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